Friday, November 23, 2018


As most of you know, I am no stranger to controversy. I have decided to take on the subject of climate change because I’ve accidentally uncovered the truth about it. The bare facts are, climate change, per se, doesn’t exist, and the dramatic changes in our seasons are man-made.

Confused? I can clarify everything in just three words, The Hallmark Channel.

It’s true, think about it. All of the ‘Christmas in July’ and Christmas movies that start in September. The Valentine’s Day movies that begin in December and January. There is no shift in the weather, we have had our seasons shifted because of the nefarious actions of a single television channel!

Did it feel colder in October than it has? Snow before Thanksgiving? When did we see movies with snow and ice on? Temperatures in Atlanta have been cold these last few weeks, weeks that have strangely coincided with the uptick in Christmas movies from The Hallmark Channel. Coincidence?

If you feel cold, don’t worry. Find a radical liberal and have them read this post. Most have zero sense of humor, and they will begin to heat up and fume before they get past the second paragraph. You can warm yourself in their fury.

Happy Black Friday! Don’t get trampled!


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