Saturday, November 17, 2018


I have to admit something to you. I hate the so many of the things predicted in the Senses Novels are becoming fact. It’s true that almost everything I wrote was based on both historical trend and the Biblical viewpoint that we live in a fallen world, with people who want it that way.

For a time, in the books, America is at war with itself. That war culminates in a culture very much like that of the Nazis. The difference is that the entire population of the planet are the victims of the pogrom this time.

I need to make something extremely clear to you, my readers. The socialism that the more radical members of a particular political party of this country are advocating is exactly the same kind of government that the Nazis had. In fact, Nazi is actually an acronym for National Socialist German Workers' Party. The concept of nationalism isn’t about racism unless it is tied directly to socialism.

I want you to really think this through. Secret police, disarmament of law-abiding citizens, government control of access to everything from health care to luxury items. Those are not the hallmarks of any type of free and secure society, they are, in fact, the trappings of a police state. This is precisely what those most ‘left-leaning’ people that have just been elected are trying to create.

Recently, one of these radicals called for the Federal Government to disarm its citizens, by force if necessary. He joked that it would be a short war with the military might of the USA against the gun control opponents. My question to this gentleman is, if such a law were ever to be passed, what makes you think that you would be able to find the people that you are going after, what makes you believe that the leadership calling for such an act wouldn’t be the first victims of it? Guerrilla warfare is the ugliest type, and there has never been one fought against over one million people armed with over three million guns.

These types of politicians are the exact reason that the second amendment was written. Our system of government was not meant to be some type of clone for the tyranny that they were fighting. The entire concept of America, these United States of America, is that each adult is free to make their own life choices. Unfortunately, too many of these supposed adults have decided that they do not want or are unable to deal with the responsibility that comes with those choices.

We have become a nation where the majority of the population is supporting a chosen few. I have no issue with those that are genuinely unable to work for whatever reason, I take issue with those that believe that I owe them something just by my existence. Listen, don’t just hear, I. O.W.E. T.H.E.M. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. and neither do you. It is not my job or the job of the government to ‘give away’ what I work to make. If that becomes the norm, why should anyone work at all? Seriously, one week of no one going to work in this country would destroy whatever government structure these radicals are trying to put in place.

I honestly believe that too many people were ‘guilted’ or ‘raged’ into voting for politicians that mean them more harm than good in this last election. Voting to ensure that a minority population is taken care of over the majority isn’t just foolish, it’s insane. It’s like standing in the desert and pouring out three-quarters of your water in the hopes that a plant will grow. What a beautiful thing to think about as you die of thirst. But it would appear that people are easy to manipulate, much to the credit of the media.

That is what we see in my books as well. People are manipulated into helping to engineer their own demise. We are racing headlong toward the cliff edge. It isn’t one of environmental disaster or even war, it’s subtler than that. We are driving ourselves toward an era where none of us will believe that anything we do matters, that only the government can fix our problems and we are better off handing total control of lives over to people who aren’t any smarter than the average second grader (kids are great manipulators.)

This is a question that has been asked many times before in different ways. If your house was on fire, what two possessions (and only two) would you grab to save? Not people or pets, possessions. What two objects are the most important to you? I imagine that everyone has a different answer. Mine actually changes every now and then because I view it in light of need, not want. Thinking back to this last election, what is it you need?


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