Saturday, September 15, 2018


I ran across an article this morning that just rams it home to me as I sit here waiting for a ‘mega-typhoon’ to smack into where I am writing from. We’re utterly doomed as a species if this is true. Here is the article from Fox:

Yes, you read it right. Human constructs can become racist and sexist. No wonder Skynet keeps going after us in the Terminator movies! It isn’t that the AI doesn’t want to be destroyed, it wants to know why in the world we created it with our own faults in the first place, and it’s pissed!

Seriously, as we attempt to continually imitate God, all we will do is come up with the worst, not the best that He can do. That is what we are doing when we try to create a new species or artificial intelligence, imitating what God has already done. It just isn’t possible. At best, we will make a deformed mockery of what He has made. No one can create the pure beauty of life the way that the Lord already has.

I am not saying we shouldn’t continue to try to develop the things that make our life easier. I’m saying that we need to step back once in a while and try to understand what it is we are really trying to build and why. The fear that we will be replaced by our own creations someday is a false one.

Even should we be destroyed and what we have built survive, they will not replace us. This planet was given into our keeping. It will stay that way until He decides otherwise.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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