Sunday, April 8, 2018


The Senses Novels deals with a lot of different subjects that lead up to a dystopian society. There is debate today on many of these same issues. Chief among them is universal healthcare and gun ownership. While universal healthcare sounds lovely, it can lead to some abuses that aren’t obvious on the surface. And, while banning guns would make people think that they are safer, the question then raised is ‘safer from who?’

Both of these issues are rooted in government control. Universal healthcare means that the bureaucracy we call government would be making decisions for us about what kind of care we get and who gets it. I have heard some people praise the Canadian and British systems, but I’ve also heard horror stories of six month waits for a simple MRI. The system put in by the last administration is already failing at an accelerating rate. It was designed to do so. The object being that the government could come in and take it over completely.

I guess that I am just too independent. I’m really not interested in having someone that has never met me hasn’t even reviewed my medical needs, telling me what medicines I can and can’t have. Insurance companies do quite enough of that.

Of course, at my age, I’m sure that the object would be to just let me fade away. Governments care about perpetuating themselves, and that means appealing to younger voters, not the ones that won’t be around in a few years.

The same holds true for gun control. The city of Deerfield Illinois has made it illegal to own AR15s or anything similar. It doesn’t matter what kind of background check you’ve gone through, if you have the scary black gun, you have to get rid of it. They want you to take the item that you have paid as much as $3000.00 for and just give it to them because they have an ordinance that says so. I’m pretty sure that the numerous legal challenges to that law will keep it from happening any time soon, but it is indicative of what is coming. But even if they don’t, I would not want to be a part of the constabulary tasked with going door-to-door looking for the guns.

Our children are afraid and are now dictating policy for the country. Of course, these same kids are swallowing laundry pods, snorting condoms and rank number 16 in education in the world because they are so mature and intelligent.

Again, in the books, this kind of government control exists, and it is not benign by any stretch of the imagination. Governments and ours is no exception, do NOT want the populace to have guns of any kind. They are terrified that their power could be threatened the 100,000,000-gun owners with their 300,000,000 guns. Considering the way that they have been running the country, maybe they should be concerned?

The argument that gun owners could do nothing because of the weapons that the military has is bogus. The size of the U.S. military is 1,429,995 active troops and 818,000 reserves. The total number is 2,247,995. Remember I said that there are 100,000,000-gun owners? Do the math. Even with drones and bombs, are 2.25% going to somehow overpower the remaining 97.75%? That is if they would even be willing to try.

If just 10% of the gun owners in the U.S. were to march on Washington in a show of solidarity, what do you think the reaction from the politicians would be? I already know. It would drown out the cries of the hard left and scared children. It would cause every politician in the country to take pause and realize that people really do believe that the 2nd Amendment, the entire Bill of Rights, isn’t something to be cast aside.

In the Senses Novels, as is happening today, freedom is lost a little at a time. Driven by fear, people give up their liberty for a false sense of security provided by a government that only seeks to gain more power over them.

I’m one voice, but the first book in the series was written several years ago and predicted what is happening today. It is the logical conclusion for a country that has allowed complacency and cowardice to become a way of life.

To me, it is sad that this latest movement has co-opted the phrase ‘Never Again.’ You see, this is the slogan and guiding principle of the Jewish Defense League. Never again will they willingly give up their arms. Never again will they willingly walk into the ovens and the gas chambers. Never again will they let a tyrannical regime try to destroy them overtly or covertly through proxies. When I see or hear ‘Never Again,’ I don’t think about the kids that were killed at Parkland, I think of the SIX MILLION that died because they gave up the very kind of weapons and control that these children are advocating. I’m sorry that an armed madman killed a bunch of high school kids, I’m sorrier that a greater madman disarmed and killed millions of others.


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