Saturday, February 3, 2018


…my eyes are covered. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this is the very concept that we live by today. The Senses Novels deal with a lot of moral issues, they have to as they are based on the Christian ethos. As many of my readers have noted, there is layer upon layer in the books, and this is true because one of the goals is to help the reader open their eyes.

It doesn’t take a genius to point out the hypocrisy in our society. From politics to organized religion, we see it every day. It seems to be growing worse, which is precisely what Jesus told us would happen. I don’t care which party you are affiliated with or whether you are affiliated with none, they all live in a make-believe world that is ruled by their own opinions and nothing else.

Most organized religion is worse. From scandals in the Catholic church to Ponzi scheme pastors to those that kill to bring the unbeliever to their own twisted version of whatever god they worship, we see it all the time on the news. Where did, what was a simple message, in the beginning, go so wrong?

There are going to be a lot of people who read this and think it is justification for not believing in God or the teachings of Jesus and they are entirely wrong. It is not the fault of God or His Son, it is purely man.

One of the messages in The Senses Novels is that humans are not in control of this world or anything in the universe, no matter how much we might want to believe that. Life and what happens to us also isn’t random chance as so many would want us to accept. The single most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard was that it was entirely possible for the universe to have created itself out of nothing. That’s right, that is the essence of what Stephen Hawking said. You can’t see me; my eyes are covered!

Years ago, Carl Sagan stated that we are made of star-stuff. He was right and wrong at the same time. What Sagan was saying is that we were made of the same thing that everything else was made of and got here by evolution. Well, we all have the same fundamental material constituents, that much is true, but we possess something more, we have a soul given to us by the very breath of God.

Scientists want people such as myself to quantify the soul. How do we know it exists, can we drag it out and show it to them, can it be weighed or measured or tested in some manner? Again, yes and no. We prove the existence of a soul every time we are moved by the pain of others. We show it when we are willing to consciously sacrifice ourselves for someone that we have never met. It is weighed and measured each time we have a choice, be self-serving or serve others. Animals will help other animals, they may even adopt the young of other species, but that is instinct, not a conscious and measured choice.

There is right and wrong in this world. I know that this shocks a lot of you, but it is the truth. Moral relativism is an invention to justify wrong. The concept of moral evolution is there to ease the conscience of those that know what they are doing violates every aspect of what is right. The lie that all laws were created by man has permeated our society from top to bottom. Has it occurred to those who believe in moral relativism that even the ancients knew it was easier to say yes than to say no? So, why say no then? I can leave that for you to figure out.

When we willingly blind ourselves to reality and the truth we are liars. The whole idea behind ‘plausible deniability’ is a sham. Most of what is called plausible deniability is nothing more than willful blindness, something that will get you convicted in any court of law. This is where the rubber of, ‘you can’t see me; my eyes are covered’ meets the road. It also brings us to the question of which is worse, lying to others or lying to yourself?



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