Monday, February 26, 2018


I am not going to try to give justifications as to why people should be allowed to keep whatever firearms they want. That’s up to Congress and the Supreme Court. Frankly, if they put the original ‘assault weapons’ ban that they had back in place, and can demonstrate that it is saving lives, great (the original ban allowed those who already had the scary black guns to keep them.) But I am confused about something, ladies, maybe you can help me here.

According to everything that I’ve read, there are over 2,500 abortions performed every day in the United States of America. Say that number out loud, two thousand five hundred. These are unborn children that are killed in some of the most horrific ways that you can imagine. In fourteen or fifteen years, they would be the same age as some of the students those at Stoneman Douglas High School. Why am I bringing this up?

I’m not the one who decided to draw the comparison originally. Someone had a posting going around on Social Media about how if everyone had to go through the same kind of scrutiny and hardship that those who want to have an abortion go through, there wouldn’t be the kind of gun sales that there are. I will make a deal with the U.S., stop all abortions immediately, forever and I will advocate for the elimination of guns in our country. No? Not acceptable? Why not? Oh, because the Supreme Court said it was okay, and after all, it’s YOUR body. 

That doesn’t seem to be a reasonable argument. The Supreme Court has repeatedly said that the individual can own guns and after all, they are legally purchased. Same kind of logic, isn’t it? Actually, it’s better logic because, if you are having an abortion the odds are that you aren’t a big believer in the Biblical creation. That means that you likely accept the THEORY of evolution. Okay, I get that. Except that if you accept evolution as fact, then the genes don’t belong to you, they belong to the human race, the entire species, which means that you having an abortion is a crime against humanity.

Why isn’t murder, murder? Killing a few hundred people in a year with bullets or butchering almost a million children, unborn babies that FEEL everything that is being done to them while they MONSTERS that scoop out their brains or cut off their limbs with tiny saws is still murder isn’t it? 

What? It’s just a fetus, a lump of flesh? So, it’s okay to kill all the paraplegics or people in comas out there then? Why not, they aren't really people, are they? No, let’s get down to why you really think abortion is okay. Because it’s convenient and it’s easy today. Why should YOUR life be inconvenienced by having to go through with having a baby just because you made a mistake or changed your mind? Nah, kill it instead, you aren’t really a MURDERER, after all, the Supreme Court said it was okay, and Congress gives the abortion mills money.

Oh, that’s right, the original Congress said owning guns was okay and so has the Supreme Court. Huh, maybe you ladies can help me to understand the difference here?


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  1. I'm sure dozens of teenagers are killed every day from texting while driving... does this mean we outlaw phones for teenagers? They not only kill themselves but others as well. Besides, there are over 7 billion people in the world, humans are over rated. Freedom from tyranny far out weights the danger of guns impose on the innocent. I'd rather walk the streets any day risking danger from guns than risk a ever encroaching government into our inalienable rights. Heck, I'm worried about the discussion about the mentally ill -as if they are more dangerous than 'normal' folks; normal folks kill a whole lot more people percentage wise than those they 'define' as mentally ill and you can bet that line can change at their discretion believe me.