Monday, December 11, 2017


That might seem like an odd question to some, but in the Senses Novels, it is a very real quandary. Is it winning if the world becomes a desolate place even though you defeat your enemy? There are parallels that we can see today. Let’s examine everyday life.

Do you really want to win in a marriage? Isn’t it better to have the marriage be a win in-and-of its own? Marriage partners often argue it’s normal. But winning an argument shouldn’t be the goal, determining the best course of action from the point of the argument is far better and healthier.

In your job can there ever really be a win? Winning in your career means that someone somewhere had to lose. Who was it and what are the consequences? I have too often seen individuals use smear tactics and disinformation thinking that somehow it makes them look better in a job. If they work for me and I find out, I will generally warn them, once. Climbing over other people to advance yourself means that you will have no support base when you need it.

At school, the only wins that I can see happen on the game-field. Sports and competitive activities are designed to have winners and losers. These can serve a good purpose when it comes to teaching the young about perseverance. The problems begin when winning becomes the only goal.

I have always objected to sports figures earning salaries in the millions. If the media is to be believed at all, most of these people are thugs and narcissists. Some would have been branded traitors in an earlier age. Why elevate these people with money and fame? They may win a game, but as far as I can see, they have already lost at life.

So, what is winning? I can only answer by asking another question, when do you feel the best, feel like you’ve really done something good? For me, it’s when I’ve helped someone else somehow. I’m not talking about the faceless donations that a lot of us make. How many of you have ever handed that guy holding up a cardboard sign whatever you had in your pocket?  Be honest, did you give that guy or gal a few bucks wondering if it would be spent on drugs or alcohol? I used to but not anymore.

I remember a pastor of mine once saying, “So what? What does it matter to you how it is spent? It isn’t how it is used that should matter, it is the condition of your heart when you give it.” That hit home for me.

Since that day, when I see a person with a sign that says, “Will work for food” or “Trying to get home” or anything else, I don’t even try to judge, I try to get some money into their hands. You see, I’ve learned something about winning. I can’t win if I know somebody else is losing.

We are fast approaching Christmas. I know that many of you will increase your giving this time of year. That’s a good thing. But shouldn’t it be every day of the year? Shouldn’t we all want everyone to win?


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