Tuesday, December 12, 2017


One of the lessons that you will learn throughout the Senses Novels series is that life is a series of compromises. I know that isn’t news to any of you, but it’s something that we seem to forget too often. Most of the time, when we forget, we are rudely reminded by being smacked in the face with some reality.

On December 14, 2017, I will be removing three of the Senses Novels books from the Kindle Unlimited program. On December 24, 2017, I will be taking the last published one out. I have no intention of putting book five and book six into KU when they are done. While the program was beneficial at one time, it has become something of a detriment lately. Being in KU prohibits me from selling the books at any other venue, I have to be exclusive to Amazon. The reality is, I’m not reaching a wide enough audience this way, and my options for marketing the books are limited.

The oddest thing is, I never started out with the intent of becoming a bestselling author, or making a lot of money off my writing. It wasn’t even my dream to simply be an author and nothing else. I write because I must, it is something of a compulsion, but only when I am inspired. I don’t know if I would be happy being a full-time author and to many of my author friends that sounds like sacrilege.

My novels tell a story that is part fiction and part fact. They are allegories on several levels and are a different perspective on the Biblical book of Revelations. Told in this fashion the novels are designed to allow the nonbeliever to enjoy the books as much as the believer.

If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited that has counted on reading the rest of the series through the program, I apologize. The decision was not made lightly, and it means that I will receive, at least for now, fewer royalties on the books. I am willing to settle for less if it means that more people have access to the series.

I want to thank everyone for their continued support. Please look for book five of the series coming soon, it has some unique twists, and I think you will enjoy it.


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