Wednesday, October 11, 2017


As you read through the series, you will find many of the main characters stating, “there is no such thing as coincidence.” The books are based on Christian principles and as such, there is a divine hand behind all that happens. That doesn’t mean there is no such thing as random chance, at least from our perspective. It does mean that God has a plan and that plan will be carried out, no matter what.

If there were such a thing as coincidence, then God would have to be capricious. While we, as humans, cannot know the mind of God and what He has planned, He, as Einstein stated, “does not play dice with the universe” (before anyone jumps on this, I know what Einstein was referring to.) While it might not appear so, even quantum physics follows specific, if bizarre rules.

Coincidence is pure randomness. That is the same as chaos and chaos does not rule the universe. We have laws of physics, though they are sometimes redefined, that were put in place by the Almighty. While some scientists would have us believe that something can be created by nothing all on its own, anyone with a minimal intelligence how ridiculous that is. Occam’s razor tells us that the more straightforward solution is that there was a guiding force behind it, God. I know that atheists like Hawking want to push their agenda anyway that they can, but at least use some reason if you are going to spew pseudoscience.

Coincidence would mean that all life is meaningless, nothing that we do matters. That just isn’t true. No matter how much evil exists in the world, there is still good. No matter how many bad things happen, joyful things happen all the time. This isn’t just a case of ‘glass half empty,’ it’s about taking a hard look at the world and the universe around us. When someone asks, “Do you really think that we are unique in the universe?” my answer is yes, because each of us is wondrously different.

How can there be coincidence when the very breath of God resides in us?

I may be offline for a little while. Until then, stay the course!


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