Saturday, September 2, 2017


The world has become a minefield of distortion. Children are being taught that the evolution of man is a fact and the climate change is man-made. This isn’t only being professed through media channels, it is in the curriculum of many high schools throughout the country. I know that some of my readers are going to disagree with me but hang on while I explain the truth to you.

Evolution is not a fact, it is a theory. Climate change is also a theory. The scientific method cannot be applied to these two theories, so that is what they will remain. For those of you wondering, here is the scientific method:

·      Make an Observation.
·      Form a Question.
·      Form a Hypothesis.
·      Conduct an Experiment.
·      Analyze the Data and Draw a Conclusion.

For some reason, the majority of those that call themselves scientists have come to believe that they just cannot accept the concept of miracles or God. I take a different approach in the novels as you know if you’ve read them. Especially in book four, there is a blend of science and the sacred.

Religion and science are not natural enemies. I don’t like to use the word religion because it has connotations of organized groups, but there isn’t a better word to use. Some of the early scientists of the modern world were men with an abiding faith in God. The problem is that people become wedded to ideas rather than taking the time to look at them rationally.

I have heard that ‘the majority of the world’s scientists agree that climate change has been dramatically affected by man.’ All I can say to that is, maybe. Here is a link to an article.
These are people who believe that we are in the grips of man-made climate change, yet, in a way, their own report casts doubt on this.

Climate change isn’t at all new. It has happened, dramatically, many times in the history of our world. Evolution isn’t much better.

Evolutionists like to point to ‘Lucy’ as one of the earliest known human ancestors. Below is how much of ‘Lucy’ they actually found:

Yes, from THIS the conclusion was, Lucy was one of our early ancestors! Clay models have been made of what she must have looked like, and theories abound about the climate of her day. Seriously? And people take this poorly assembled jigsaw puzzle of a skeleton over the meticulously written history of Hebrew peoples? Science should be ashamed of itself.

There is a point to all of this, it is the same theme that I have had in the past. Everyone has an agenda. Some people crave control over other people. I think it may be a ‘safety’ thing, if you have control over others, you and your descendants are ‘safe.’ That is a fundamental human trait. Unfortunately, we are being forced to deny the fact and accept theories as fact in the process.

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