Saturday, September 2, 2017


I sent an email to POTUS this week with a proposal for ending the threat of war with North Korea. Whether he gets to see it will likely be up to some low-level staffer, but I would be remiss in not trying. Here is the gist of what I sent:

To the secretary or clerical person that may actually be reading this, I would like to offer up a practical solution to the situation in North Korea.

I believe that if we were to offer China four years of no tariffs as well as no U.S. condemnation in the United Nations for annexing North Korea, the situation would stabilize. In addition, we may wish to consider bringing South Korea into the negotiation with an eye on them becoming a free-trade zone, something that would benefit their country, China, and the United States.

Please consider offering up this idea to President Trump as a method to reign in the DPR without resorting a highly destructive alternative.

Both China and U.S. can only gain by this proposal and South Korea (which would then be the only Korea), would flourish. There will, of course, be howling amongst a portion of our population, but that is to be expected no matter what solution is devised.

One complicating factor is the Russian Federation. It boggles the mind as to why Mr. Putin would think that egging a conflict on would benefit the Russians. If he believes that by embroiling the U.S. in a war with North Korea, we would be weakened and therefore the Russian Federation strengthened, he is delusional in the extreme.

Any nuclear exchange threatens the entire world, including Russian interests. The idea that someone would be ‘worse off’ is some kind of insanity. Everybody will eventually suffer.

If you like my proposal, you might want to email the White House yourself.

Have a great weekend!


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