Tuesday, August 22, 2017


As everyone stood watching, Donald Trump slowly stole the light of the sun away from the earth and then just as slowly gave it back again. Well, I’m sure that’s how certain news outlets would have spun it if they could. The ‘Great Eclipse of 2017’ is over and now we can go back to the usual foolishness.

The best one that I heard today was the protest against free speech. That’s right; we need to protest against our right to protest! What was those extremist’s definition of fascism again? I guess it’s okay; you don’t need to be logical as long as you have your convictions! What was the extremist’s problem with religion again? It’s okay to say that you hope our leaders are assassinated as long as you KNOW that you are in the right! I thought it was a felony for someone to advocate that, but, hey, there’s that ugly free speech thing again.

For the majority of you, the ones who still retain a modicum of sanity, I want you to know that there is hope. I saw a posting on Facebook that the eclipse was just a prelude for the zombie apocalypse. Just surround yourself with some of the people from the preceding paragraph. I’m told that zombies eat brains, so they should act as a repellent.

I hope your week is going well.


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