Tuesday, August 8, 2017


I want to talk about climate change. Lots of ears perked up at that one! First, in the world of the Senses Novels, there is severe climate change, a nuclear exchange will have a habit of doing that. But what about the normal everyday activities of man, and more important, what about the supposed solutions?

No matter what you have been told, the science about climate change is inconclusive. Weather patterns are not something that can be studied for a few years, a few decades or even a few hundred years to obtain the far-reaching conclusions that some have. I can already hear some of you crying, “What about all of this awful weather?!” All I can tell you is, it isn’t what you believe. 

I have lived in many portions of the country over the years and California always has droughts, the Midwest has always had tornadoes and the Northeast has always had severe hurricanes and snowstorms. I can also tell you from personal experience that the ‘horrible weather’ isn’t nearly as brutal as when I was a child. I honestly remember having to tunnel out of my house because of the snowdrifts against the door and that was long before anyone ever thought of ‘climate change’, it was just normal.

One of the reasons that I question the whole climate change mentality is my natural tendency to ask, “Who benefits from this if it isn’t true?” I recommend that people read “State of Fear” by Michael Crichton. While the supposed ‘serious’ scientists have decried his work, Mr. Crichton raises some valid points. Crisis elevates particular classes of people. I have a little trouble accepting at face value the concepts told to me by the same people who cannot accurately tell me if it is going to rain that day.

Now, let’s look at the solutions and you tell me if they make any sense. Solar power has been proposed to help reduce the carbon emissions or carbon footprint that so many blame climate change on. Have any of you looked at how solar cells are made? How about the batteries that they electricity is stored in or the inverters that are need to make it go from DC to AC power? Maybe everyone is thinking that we could just use the DC directly, of course that would mean scrapping every appliance we currently have in the U.S., no problems there, right? Well, there’s always wind! How are windmills made? What are they made from? How is the power stored and converted? 
The more I look at the whole ‘climate change’ issue, the more I am convinced that it is really about one thing, control. People wanting to control the way other people live and think isn’t new, and the climate change ‘crisis’ is a great way to instill fear. Fear is what makes people willing to give up control of their own lives to achieves some kind of security. If enough people can be convinced that the climate is changing and that you or your children are in imminent danger, how much control will you relinquish? Anyone remember 9/11 and the Patriot Act? How and why do you think the TSA came into being? For the most part they are good people serving the public interest, but then there are a few that enjoy their jobs and the power entirely too much.

I am not saying that the climate isn’t changing. I’m sure that it is, it always is. It follows a series of cycles both short-term and long-term. Many of our current deserts were once under water. There are sea shells on some of the highest mountains. Antarctica was once temperate. None of this was caused by humans, at least, not as far as the scientists are concerned. Until someone can point to at least one thing that could ONLY have been caused by humans, the jury has to remain out.

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