Saturday, August 26, 2017


A colleague of mine asked me a question the other day that I wasn’t sure how to answer. He wanted to know if I thought that our President was following some plan that we don’t know about or if he was crazy. This person that I work with meant crazy as in insane.

If you follow your personal convictions and beliefs, does that make you mad? It might. One of the things that few people understand is, the majority is always sane. Sanity is defined by our population and culture. If a person says that it is sane to believe that televisions are alive because they talk, and the majority agrees, then it is sane. That is, up until recently.

In the last several years, the minority appears to have become the voice of sanity for the U.S.A. I want to be clear about this, African Americans, LGBT, Asian Americans, Muslims, Hispanic Americans, etc., are not majorities. In the political spectrum, neither Democrats or Republicans are the majority, it is the Independents. Yet, the Democrats appear to have the loudest voice outside of the polling box. So, exactly what is happening?

Anyone with eyes and ears can see that the media gives ‘voice’ to the minorities, but are they really biased? Yes, the media is biased, but it has been since the beginning. Sometimes it is biased toward the Right and sometimes toward the Left depending on the era and who owns the outlet. There definitely is some validity to the opinion that CNN, MSNBC, and CBS are biased against the President. This begs the question; did he bring it upon himself by his reaction to the media?

My observation is that we have a President that speaks his mind and acts upon what he says. Often, this goes contrary to what many ‘liberal’ groups and individuals like and want. Is that any different than what the previous administration did and how the ‘conservatives’ felt? The one, primary difference is that the previous administration had a polished politician (is that good or bad?) and this administration is run by a CEO.

So, is President Trump crazy? My opinion is that he may have some paranoia and narcissism, both psychological issues, but both also a part of any good corporate leader’s makeup. This President is a corporate leader trying to run the country more like a business than a political empire. That means the goals are different.

The primary purpose of a politician is to get reelected. The primary purpose of a CEO is to generate a profit.

I will let you decide which you want and whether you believe we are being led by a madman.


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