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If you have been reading the series, you know there are some mysteries that seem to be left unsolved. While they are not central to the story, these ‘gaps’ can be maddening to certain readers. Unfortunately, many of these side stories do not fit into any of the subsequent novels. The good news is, if you are reading this and are a fan, you are about to be treated to another set of short stories that will help tie up a few loose ends. These are stories that you will only find on the ‘Bookshelf’ Blog and the Senses Novels Facebook fan page.


The Crusade is nearing its inevitable conclusion. To the millions forced to join and those that had done so willingly it no longer mattered. All the Crusaders are dead as are the majority of those that battling them. The ones not killed outright are either dying from the residual radiation due to the single nuclear weapon detonated by Iran at the insistence of Saudi Arabia or starving to death. Syria, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, and more, in short, all the countries of the Middle East save one will be dead within a few short days, victims of the ravages of the Crusade. The only exception is Israel.

The small container of manna is still sealed. The only way that anyone has so far been able to tell this is the original jar ordered to be placed before the Ark of the Covenant by God is by the inscriptions on it, and, of course, the horrifying deaths. The untold number that should never have touched the pot died an odd, lingering death over the years. The young Levite that now held the Omer of manna is unaffected by it. The problem is, others know of this relic and may have divined its location.

“Daniel, you must take the relic someplace safe.”

The young man looks down at the aging teacher. With a frown, he shakes his head, “Rabbi, where in Israel is there a safe place. Not only for this, but for anyone or anything?”

“Then you must take it out of Israel. This may be its home, but it is not its place. It belongs with the Ark.”

“Rabbi, the Ark is long gone, it is lost to history and mankind.”

Nodding his head, the Rabbi spoke, “Perhaps, still, the relic is not safe here.”

“If I do take it, it may be best to find a hiding place for it and its guardians.”

The old man frowns, “Then don’t tell even me! No one must know where it is you take God’s miracle. In fact, you should create a diversion or multiple diversions. I can help you.”

While he may be a rabbi, a teacher, he is also a high-ranking soldier in the Tzahal, the Israeli Defense Force. In whatever way the young Levite intends to move the relic out of Israel, the old man can help create a diversion with the army or air force.

Daniel nods, “I will need six planes then. I will need to work with your people to set up the flight plans for each. Only I will know which aircraft carries the Omer. To make it more challenging, three planes will be civilian aircraft from El Al, and three will be military. I also want families aboard each plane, even the military. The confusion must be as complete as possible.”

What Daniel was not telling the old man was that he wanted his very pregnant wife as far away from Israel as he could get her. But he wasn’t done speaking.

“I will choose the families as well. My choices will probably piss a few people off as I intend to take from all strata, religions, and races in our society. Remember though, confusion.”

The plan is set in motion. Six planes, six different routes, and destinations. Daniel has chosen the families and spoken to each separately in their homes. None of them know of the others. Daniel’s choices for the destination of the planes are deliberate and his speech to each family is essentially the same, “Israel is doomed as a nation. The rest of the world is not going to tolerate our existence while the whole of the Middle East is in ruins. You are being given a chance at a new life. You will be flown to such-and-such because you can speak the language. You must blend in and never reveal that you are from Israel. All we ask is you take one small object with you and find a suitable spot to hide it. Once hidden, forget about it and never look back.”

Over a three-day period, the planes depart. Some leave in full daylight, and some fly out under the cover of darkness. One of the planes carries Daniel and his wife. Daniel’s wife is so close to delivering their first child, he almost changes his plan. If word had not reached him that there were people massing at Israel’s northern border, he would have taken his wife to a hospital and waited until his child is born. As it is, the safest place for them is in the air. Or so he thought.

The plane is flying low and in a very tight corridor. The IDF has known for many years of this blind spot in the American defenses. They have helped create it against future need. The plane is heading for a remote landing strip in Alaska when the atomic weapon detonates not terribly far from their flight. At almost the same moment, a baby on board the plane is born and given her name.

All perish except for this tiny child.

The relic has been driven deep into the ground and buried beneath the rubble. Once again, it is lost to mankind.

I hope that you have enjoyed this portion of REVELATIONS. If so, please let me know, and I will continue to provide insight into some of the background and mysteries of the world of the Senses Novels. It is your feedback that drives these stories.

Have a wonderful Independence Day America!


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