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If you have been reading the series, you know there are some mysteries that seem to be left unsolved. While they are not central to the story, these ‘gaps’ can be maddening to certain readers. Unfortunately, many of these side stories do not fit into any of the subsequent novels. The good news is, if you are reading this and are a fan, you are about to be treated to another set of short stories that will help tie up a few loose ends. These are stories that you will only find on the ‘Bookshelf’ Blog and the Senses Novels Facebook fan page. This is the second in this series.


From the diary of Adelle K.
June 11 - My mother gave me this journal today. She said that I am starting a new life and should keep track of all the important things that happen from now on. She wants me to pass it down to my daughter one day. Joe and I are getting married in a few hours. I won’t lie, it’s been hard waiting for him to finish school and set up his practice, but he’s finally there! Soon I will be Mrs. Joseph L.!

September 23 – I had the strangest dream last night. I was looking up at the night sky, and a voice spoke to me. The voice was a woman’s voice, and she said that I would have a baby next year. She said that he would be special and that I should name him Jacob. I told her that I wanted a girl and the voice laughed. That’s when I woke up. I’m on a birth control pill, silly dream

November 30 – I’m pregnant! It shouldn’t be possible! Oh God, how am I going to tell Joe?! He is working so hard to get his practice up and running; we aren’t ready for a family yet

December 1 – Joe really surprised me last night when I told him. He’s so happy. He did all the normal male things, worrying about me standing too long, having a glass of wine, etc. I told him that I’m not even going to be showing for a while and that I’m fine. I still don’t understand how it’s possible

December 12 – My mom passed away yesterday. It wasn’t totally unexpected. She’d been fighting the cancer for a long time. Debra actually called me. I haven’t heard from my sister in so long that I’d forgotten the sound of her voice. I wish that she and mom had reconciled before mom passed. I told her about my being pregnant, and she asked if she could be godmother to our baby. I was shocked about that! It’s going to be just Joe and me for Christmas this year. Now we’re both orphans.

December 25 – Joe is so funny, I think he bought out the store of baby toys and wrapped each one himself! I kept opening presents and finding rattles, chew rings and such. My husband finally handed me a small box and the most beautiful pearl necklace I’ve ever seen was in it. I don’t know how he thinks we can afford this right now, but he handles the bills, and I’m sure that he will find a way to manage.

February 3 – I had another dream last night. It was the same woman’s voice, only this time I was looking down from a very great height. The entire world looked like it was covered in dust. The woman told me that my son had a destiny and that he was chosen by God. She must have known I was skeptical because she told me that God would give me a sign the next night and that I was to look to the skies.

February 4 – I’m shaking so much that it’s hard for me to write this. What we saw tonight was patently impossible according to the scientists and weather people. The aurora borealis covered the entire sky and stretched all the way to the equator! There have been no solar storms or flares, no sunspots, nothing.

April 11 – The doctor has said that everything looked good and asked me if I was interested in knowing the sex of my baby. I told her that it was a boy. She seemed a little surprised, but not too much. She smiled and nodded at me. I told Joe before, but I confirmed it for him tonight. He’s so happy to be having a son.

June 24 – I’m as big as a house! Ugh, I hate waddling everywhere. I had another dream last night. The woman told me not to believe the doctors the next time I see them. She said that they are not just wrong, they are dead wrong. Her last words to me were, “Have faith; your Father loves you.”

July 12 – The doctor said that she couldn’t hear a heartbeat! She’s very worried and wanted to induce labor immediately. I told her no that I know everything is fine. We had a major argument, and she called Joe. Joe told her that if I said no, it’s no.

July 29 – It’s time! I know that it will be tonight even though my water hasn’t broken yet and the contractions haven’t started. I told Joe to call the doctor and take me to the hospital. If the doctor wants to induce, now is the time.

July 30 – I am holding my son. The doctor is still trying to figure out what happened last night. She said that my son was stillborn, but a few minutes later he started to breathe on his own. I can tell you this, the moment that Jacob was born, the sky lit up like the fourth of July. The Perseid meteor shower was the brightest it has ever been in memory, and when that bright light flashed, my son breathed and gave a little laugh.

I hope that you are enjoying these little bits of insight into the background of the world of the Senses Novels. Please leave me a comment or two if you do or if there is some particular background question that you have.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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