Monday, February 20, 2017


The latest offering in the Senses Novels Series, Synesthesia, deals with history and gives alternate explanations for many of the mysteries of the past. Archeologists work from bits and pieces of pottery and bone to speculate (that’s all it really is, speculation) about ancient civilizations and events. Are my ‘theories’ any less likely?

Try as they might, no one has yet come up with a complete explanation as to why the Mayan civilization disappeared virtually overnight, how or why the black plague suddenly seemed to stop after ravaging Europe and Asia for several years, or how a lowly colonel in a failed army rose to become one of the worst monsters in modern times.

These are just some of the issues taken up in Synesthesia. There is much more to the book as it is also the longest in the series to-date. If you haven’t yet read this volume of the on-going series, but have read the others, I will tell you that there are some surprises ahead.

Many of my reviewers have stated that the books can be read as stand-alone. I would disagree as there is a linkage between them all that you will not understand if they are not read in order.

I will also not hide the fact that the hardest book to get through is AURA, the first one in the series. This is because AURA deals with vision through the eyes of someone that does not see the world like the rest of us, literally.

I pray that you all have a wonderful week.


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  1. The series is definitely best if read in order. I find myself going back to put the threads in order. Did the same with Wuthering Heights and other classics. Love the writer's style!