Saturday, February 18, 2017


If you have been a regular fan of the series, you know that each book builds on the ones before it. In every novel, there is a little more revealed not only about our past, but also about what is coming. Each book also has answers to questions and mysteries that previous ones has posed.

Aura, the first book in the series, established this pattern of pushing off answers until later volumes. The reason isn’t because I don’t want you to know, it’s because there is a context to the solutions that you need first.

I heard the most questions about the end of volume three, TA’AM. Why would the old man recognize our heroine? Is it her real father? Is it Brother Michael somehow returned? That question is answered in Synesthesia, book four. Of course, the answer just set up another mystery.

The one thing that I can say is that between book five and book six, as many of the questions that have answers will be cleared up. Some, if not all, will most definitely surprise you.

Like book four, number five is requiring some extensive research, although in a different direction. I am also working simultaneously to get Synesthesia into audiobook form. I won’t even attempt to project when book five will be done, but I will give you the working title, ‘7th Sense.’ Have fun with that.

My thanks again to the fans of the series. You are all great and I appreciate you, your comments and reviews.


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