Monday, January 2, 2017


Yes, it’s true, book number four in the series was released and published yesterday (January 1, 2017.) Happy New Year!

For those of you not enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, the eBook is not inexpensive. All the books have been raised in price and SYNESTHESIA is currently at $3.99. If you are enrolled in KU, you get to read them for free as part of your subscription.

I will tell you a little about this installment in the series. This book and its hero are unlike the others in that it starts out much further in the past than any of them. Our protagonist, Eli, is not initially born with his abilities. Once you start reading the book, I try to get into who Eli is and how he came to be one of our hero’s as quickly as possible.

This is the longest book of the series, so far. If you buy the book and put it on a standard iPad, it clocks in at 457 pages. If you look at the page count on Amazon, it will tell you that it is 335 pages. For a comparison, the previous record holder in the series, TA’AM, shows that it is 235 pages on Amazon.

The research involved in writing SYNESTHESIA was extensive. Almost every place and every incident is based, at least partially, on fact or things that actually took place.

My sincere thanks go to Karina Cullar for her editing job on the manuscript. Despite the screaming and hair pulling, I took virtually every suggestion that she had and implemented it into the story.

As with every novel in the series, some of you will love the book and some of you will hate it. I am going to give all of you this warning, this one has more ‘evangelism’ in it than any of the others. Please keep in mind that this is a Christian Fiction series and always has been. I think, though, that those who have read it will agree that it is also pretty good story in its own right.

If you have visited my Facebook Page recently (, you will find a post there where I am offering ONE free copy to someone. But you need to get your request in by midnight tonight (January 2, 2017.) If I don’t get any requests, the offer just goes away.

Have a blessed New Year everyone, I wish health and happiness throughout the year!


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