Friday, December 30, 2016


Many of you are awaiting the release of the fourth book in the Senses Novels series. I thought that today I would give you both the title and a tiny bit of the novel just to keep your interest level up.

The book is called SYNESTHESIA, you can GOOGLE ® the word if you care to, but I will warn you that the definitions you find are not exactly how the word is used in the book. Now, it was tough for me to find a portion of the book that I thought would be appropriate for all audiences and yet not give too much of the basic story away. To the chagrin of my spouse, who hates it when I give anything of my stories away, I think that I’ve found just the part.

We were now three.
At a little more than twenty thousand feet up, we began to have trouble breathing. We had been resting more often to allow our bodies to get used to the altitude, but it wasn’t helping much this high up. The last five thousand feet or so, we all believed that we were being watched.
If you know anything about Everest, then you are aware that we still had almost ten thousand feet to climb. We were exhausted, so I suggested to the others that we should spend longer than usual at this camp. There was no argument. We decided that we would spend two to three weeks there. We didn't have to wait that long to meet the masters of this mountain.
Four days later, during the night, we had a visitor. Where he came from and how he suddenly appeared near our camp, we had no idea. One moment the mountain was empty save for snow, ice, rocks and us and the next an enormous hairy white apparition was in our midst.
My two friends grabbed up their weapons but were really too weak to be able to put up much of a fight if it came to that. I told them to put the spears down and let me lead. The creature walked easily into our camp.
The cold, wind and lack of oxygen seemed to have very little effect on whatever this large creature was. As he approached, I studied him carefully. It was nearly eight feet tall and must have weighed close to four or five hundred pounds. White hair or fur covered it completely except for the face which looked dark and leathery. The eyes were almost glowing with intelligence. Whatever this was, it was not and had never sprung from humans.
It stopped a few feet in front of me, and I was hit with an odor, unlike anything I had ever experienced. While not enough to drive us away, it was strong. It made some sounds that I had to assume were speech in its native language. I tried several of the tongues that I knew. Nothing. We had no common language at all.
Then began the strangest non-verbal discussion in history. We began to draw in the snow and pantomime. It would take us a very long time to get anything meaningful done this way, so I suggested that we move into our tent by gestures.
The creature indicated that we should go ahead and that it would stay just outside the door so that we could continue our ‘conversation’.
If you have read or listened to TA'AM's account, then you know that this was one of ‘the people,' the race of non-humans that raised her from infancy. You also know that for one of them to initiate contact with a human was extremely unusual. I couldn't have known any of that, then.
We never knew its name. After a long time of gestures and pictures in the dirt and snow, we understood why it had come to us. First, there was a massive storm coming, one that we would not survive if we stayed where we were. We needed to find shelter immediately. Second, a member of ‘the people' was severely injured, and it wanted to know if I could help? It did not know what had driven it to me for this, just that something had. The two issues were linked. He was to take us to shelter for the duration of the storm, and I could heal the injured one at the same time. I agreed.
It took us hours to get there. It was a large cave that was warmed by several small fires. The front of the cave was blocked by a large stone rolled into place by two more of the massive creatures. Now the odor was almost overwhelming. We managed.

I hope that you are intrigued. I am fairly certain from re-reading this portion that I haven’t given away anything terribly important about the book. Book four is currently going through, what I hope will be, it’s final editing. It will be released in eBook format first, then Paperback and, finally, as an Audiobook.

If you haven’t read the first three books in the series, I would recommend that you do so before reading book four as they build upon each other. All of the books are for sale exclusively on Amazon and the price on the first three books is going up on or after January 1, 2017.

Have a blessed New Year’s everyone!


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