Friday, September 2, 2016


The Senses Novels are all about one thing, the ultimate battle between good and evil in terms of life and nonlife. As I see it, by definition, anything or anyone that believes in the destruction of life simply for the sake of destroying it, or for its own convenience is evil.

This opens up a lot of different conversations. Is hunting inherently evil since we can purchase food in the grocery store? What about abortion? How about wars over religion or territory? No, yes and yes. Absolute enough for you?

Hunting today serves two purposes for many people and states. One, it reduces the population of a distinct species to a manageable level so that they don’t starve to death (which is likely our fault since we got rid of their natural predators.) And, two, the vast majority of hunters eat what they kill, it is supplemental to what they purchase and, in most cases, reduces their overall budgetary expenses in an ever increasingly expensive world.

Abortion is a tough one for many people because they want to see it as a gray area. To do this, they play legal games with concepts like, “when is it really a person?” I am curious, what if we went around inducing abortions in cats, dogs, and dolphins, what would happen? How many protests would there be from the same people who push for human abortions? If you say to me that it isn’t the same thing, please prove to me why not? Killing is killing. Either take responsibility for the fact that you are a party to committing murder or stop doing it.

War for religious or territorial reasons isn’t just stupid; it’s morally indefensible. You cannot justify the slaughter of innocents by just stating that something is the ‘way it should be’ or ‘what XXXX wants’. War to prevent greater amounts of death can make sense as long as we look at it for what it honestly is, the lesser of two evils.

In the Senses Novels, there are wars. The biggest and most important one is against an ancient enemy. If you are at all curious, you can download the first book of the series, AURA, for free on Amazon.

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