Thursday, September 29, 2016


Okay, that sounds weird even to me. Why a title of underwear for this blog post? I want to talk about the things that go into the cover design of my books.

The covers for the novels in the series have changed several times since they have been released. This is because, like many independent authors, I am still looking for the ones that will catch the public eye. The problem is, the cover has to speak to me first.

I receive as much criticism and as many compliments for the covers as I do for the content. I have tried designing them myself and have paid others to do them. The problem with paying others to do them is they always ask what you want on the cover. I want what will attract people to it, and if I knew what that was, I wouldn’t be paying them to design it! I believe that a cover artist should read the book and then come up with a design that fits. If you don’t have time to read the book, don’t take my commission.

When I design my own covers, I try to take something from inside the book itself and put it into a visual medium. Not having unlimited funds, I normally have to use free/royalty free images that I find on certain websites I belong to. Using these types of images is more limiting than you can imagine, so I often have to modify and bend the picture to my own liking. What you see in my self-designed covers are mixtures of several images and a little KM magic.

If you like the covers on my novels, that is great and thank you. If you don’t like them, please send me a version of the cover that you think is a) esthetically pleasing b) relevant to the book and c) commercially viable. If it fits those three requirements and you want me to use it without any strings attached (there will be a document for you to sign), I will give you credit in the book as the artist. And, if you don’t think the covers are seen, by my count almost 170 copies of the books have been downloaded by Kindle Unlimited users in the past four days!

Wondering what’s under the covers? You can start reading the series with AURA for only $0.99 or free if you are on Kindle Unlimited. AURA and the rest of the Senses Novels are available exclusively on Amazon.

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