Monday, September 19, 2016


The Senses Novels are about an epic battle between good and evil. Each book contains clues as to what will shape the final battle to come. And, each book refers to an ancient past that no one has any clue about today.

Our history is not complete as I think I’ve shown in other blog posts. We have great gaps that make no sense and even the fossil record that we find hidden beneath our feet is often confusing. Paleontologists and archaeologists will often find layers where an animal species that should have predated another is, in fact, on top of what should have been the latter one.

You will hear explanations about tectonic movement or shifts in the earth’s crust, or even volcanic activity. While I won’t rule those out completely, I have to wonder if they are just excuses for total ignorance as to how it’s possible that what scientists believe might be wrong? Science is not all-knowing. It is a series of missteps that eventually MAY lead to a correct answer. I say this because very few scientists follow the scientific method.

If we are to believe the evidence, then we need all of the evidence and not just conjecture. Why is evolution still called the Theory of Evolution? Do you know? How long ago did man understand that the earth was round? I can tell you that it wasn’t Columbus that proved it. We need to stop listening to the revisionist historians and start looking at history again.

In the Senses Novels, I use a tremendous amount of fiction, but I also use a ton of fact. I try to piece together some of the history of man. This will become most evident in book number four.

If you are interested in learning some facts that you might not know, you can start by downloading the first book in the series, AURA. AURA is FREE TO DOWNLOAD! You can get it on Amazon.

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