Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I haven’t blogged much about the third book in the series, but I am discovering that it is many people’s favorite. There may be a few reasons that TA’AM resonates with people, not the least of which is that the hero, Judith, is a little girl. Judith, who's name among the ones that raise her, is TA’AM, has a life filled with incredible tragedy.

From almost the moment that Judith is born, she is thrust into an environment that should have and likely would have killed anyone else. In TA’AM we see a world that few of us even realize exists. When we walk into a forest or woods, we see the trees, the plants, maybe a few of the animals. In TA’AM we find that the woods is a home and welcoming place to some. But like any environment, it has its dangers.

If TA’AM sounds interesting to you, I would suggest that you begin with the first book in the series, AURA. AURA is currently FREE on AURA.

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