Thursday, July 7, 2016


In all of the books of the Senses Novels our primary characters, our heroes, make plans. Most of the time, those ideas don’t seem to work out for one reason or another. I’ve been asked about this more than once. Why do I bother to put in plans that fail, don’t come to fruition or get sidetracked? To answer that question, I have one for you, how often do your plans go exactly as you intended?

For example; in DULCET the idea was to take a vehicle filled with necessities into the wilderness. That plan gets started, but it is curtailed almost immediately and the next thing we know, they are in a helicopter! A sudden left turn to the program.

And that’s precisely the point not all of the plans our characters make go off quite the way that they expect. It doesn’t happen in our world today, why should it happen for them? The easiest thing in the world would be to make each of the books linear; the hero makes a plan, swoops in, saves the world, etc., etc., etc. Where’s the tie to our world in that?

Curious to see what plans do and don’t work out? Try out the series for with the first book AURA. You can get AURA for FREE on AMAZON.

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