Wednesday, July 27, 2016


The Senses Novels series has a definite conclusion. The series was never intended to be open-ended. I am currently writing book four in the series, and while there may be one or more books in-between, I have already outlined the final book in my mind.

While there are some series that fans hate to see come to an end, a conclusion is sometimes necessary. The Senses Novels is about the final war between good and evil; therefore it has to have an ending. And, while the novels are Biblically based, as any of the readers can attest, I don’t strictly adhere to what you may read in the current versions of the Bible.

This means that while we know how the Revelations ends, as I’ve said before, the interpretation of what John saw is open to debate. One other thing to keep in mind about the Bible as we have it today is that it has been adjusted and trimmed many times since the writings were originally collected. When you pick up your Bible, you are not looking at the entire collected works that formerly existed, but those that have been affirmed and approved by various groups throughout history.

If you are curious about the direction of the series, I would recommend that you start with book one, AURA, which is FREE on AMAZON.

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