Friday, June 10, 2016


Laya is the heroine of the second book in the Senses Novels series, DULCET. Like all of the others that you will meet, Laya was born with a disability that somehow connects with her talent. In this case, Laya is deaf. In fact, Laya does not have any of the structure for hearing at all, so it is not correctable.

I have been asked, is that even possible, for someone to be born without the primary organs needed for hearing. The answer is yes. There are specific birth defects that can cause the inner ear not to form correctly. In Laya’s case, this is so severe that she not only does not have any of the internal ear canal, but the external ear never formed. Her head is perfectly smooth on the sides.

Laya can ‘hear’ what she calls, ‘the Music’, and when she opens her mouth, notes come out to form her Song. These notes cannot be heard by the rest of us, but their effect can certainly be seen and felt. Laya’s talent is the most powerful of all the heroes.

Want to learn more about Laya and the other heroes? I suggest you start with book one of the series, AURA and then move to book two. AURA is only $0.99 on AMAZON.

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