Sunday, December 16, 2018


We all look for meaning and purpose in life. We are often told that the most content people, the happiest people, are those that have accepted their lot in life and accept who and what they are. Unfortunately, happiness is not a natural human condition and may not be the best thing for us. In small, discrete doses, being happy is fine, but if we look to be happy all the time, we lose something called drive. Yet, this is precisely the condition, happiness, that those with the power to shape our lives tell us we need to seek. This goes right back to the concept of control. But it doesn’t answer the question of why these people want that kind of control over the lives of billions of people on this planet.

Life has always had a purpose on Earth. To perpetuate its own kind. That is a hardwired imperative in every species God ever created. The end goal of that may be something that we never get to understand, but it is there none-the-less. But what if that imperative could be bred out of a species, say the human race, and replaced with a different imperative? What if a group of people decided that something called eugenics, the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics, could be used to make a docile human race with the goal of protecting a certain few? Let’s take a hard look at the realities of the old hard left, the Soviet Union and Communist China.

Revisionists have already begun rewriting the truth about the Soviet Union. Gone are the stories of the long lines waiting for basic items that stores would always have in short supply and the millions that perished in forced famines or harsh winters where no coal or oil was delivered. Instead, we are being fed a romanticized version of a great ‘old time Soviet Union,’ where the people were well taken care of. Nothing could be further from the truth. The people of the old Soviet were miserable and died in droves, from malnutrition, mistreatment, and disease. The ones who never saw or felt this were their leaders and the dreaded internal spy networks. Communist China was no better. Today, both of these countries are rapidly returning to their old ways, and the people inside the country either don’t notice or believe it. China is a great example, building one of the most sophisticated internal spying systems the world will ever see and ‘grading’ its own people on their ‘social consciousness.’ And, there are real consequences if you don’t meet a particular grade. Yet the billionaires that have built empires based on the democratic capitalist system praise both of these countries and their hard-left policies, only pointing out things like their universal health care systems, which by our Western standards, are actually sub-par.

But where we lack, they gain. The resources of this planet appear to be finite, which probably isn’t true if you believe in the law of the conservation of matter and energy. Still, going just on the appearances, if you have the power to secure resources going well beyond your own lifetime, carrying on through generations of those of your own bloodline, would you do it? Physical immortality still eludes us, but generational immortality, carrying the genes on and keeping them among a select few, is something that the royalty of Europe has been doing for thousands of years. The ones controlling the politicians don’t have some lofty human motive in mind. They aren’t altruistic, thinking of the betterment of the race, they are the new royalty on a global scale.

Does this make them evil? Evil is defined as, “profoundly immoral and malevolent.” Every day, we move further away from the morality that was given to us over five thousand years ago. Today, far too many have come to believe that society defines morality. At one time slavery was considered moral, and homosexuality was deemed to be immoral. If we believe that society dictates morality, then no, these people who have taken control of many aspects of our lives and are seeking to take even more, are not evil. If we believe that there is a set moral code and that it was placed there for a reason, then yes, those that have established themselves above the rest of humanity are evil and malevolent to the rest of us. This is the decision and the choice that you have to make. I can only lead you so far. None of what I’ve written is hard to discover. All you have to do is open your eyes, look around, stop seeing what is happening in the world as isolated events and clarity will come.

I have some predictions for you, if and when they come true, think back to this post:

1.          The United States will enter into another new war within the next three years.
2.          Democrats will take all three branches of the United States government again within the next four years.
3.          Social programs will increase in states across the country to the point where they are entirely unsustainable, and taxation of the few will grow to the point that it drives them from the workforce within six years.
4.          The recession that will begin in 2019 will deepen into a real Depression before 2025.

Together, let’s see how many of these come true. I pray that none of them will.


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