Friday, December 14, 2018


The Senses Novels describes a world before, during, and after a catastrophic change in both the physical and political ecosphere. Many of the things that I wrote and published in book one, AURA, back in 2015 have come to pass since that time. I am not a prophet, just someone who has read what is supposed to transpire and been able to see it in modern terms. And none of it is new, just more intense than ever before. If you are reading this, I want you to stop for just one moment and think, really think, about what I am saying next. We, all of us, are being manipulated. We have been conditioned, one way or the other, to react to certain words and ideas. Climate Change! Some of you see those two words and immediately nod and feel like ‘we’ have messed up our world and need to fix it. Some of you read those words and think hoax. Almost none of you take a deep breath and say to yourselves, “The truth is probably somewhere in-between, I wonder who is pushing the extremes and why?” Let’s try another one.

Pandemic! A lot of you probably remember the Ebola outbreak and how people infected with the disease were brought to the United States. Some were sympathetic and supported the idea, others were almost violently opposed. Admittedly, it was a risk, but what isn’t? Again, did anyone stop to think, “There is certainly a lot of ‘noise’ about this, I wonder who is pushing the extreme views, and why?”

Here’s one, the 2016 Presidential election, Donald Trump. How many of you just ‘triggered’ and why? What do you really know versus what you have been told or just believe? Why do you hate him or like him? Do you even know the man? And understand, that is exactly what he is, just a man. Yes, he has a very important and powerful job, but so do a lot of people in this country. Why do you feel about him the way you do? Is it because you do or don’t like what he says, or tweets? Is it because you do or don’t like his ideology? What about it do you like or not like, why? I am trying to get a point across here, this isn’t about President Trump, it’s about YOU. It’s about who is manipulating YOU and why.

Do you really believe that climate change, imminent global pandemic, and the activities of President Trump are all black and white issues, or is that what you are being made to believe? It’s so easy to just have a hard-and-fast opinion and stick to it, it’s much harder to critically think it through. This isn’t emotion versus logic, there is no such thing. Everything we do is tinged by how we feel. And, it is the art of manipulating those feelings that is at the heart of this.

Now, you probably think I am talking about the media. That would be incorrect. The media; television, radio, print, and digital are just tools being used. I’m sure that there is no reporter out there that appreciates that thought, but it is true none-the-less. Why is it that person in particular that is in front of the camera talking? What attitudes did they bring into the news before they started?

I am not pushing some conspiracy theory. All you need to do is look at the various issues, think about the extreme views on each and see who, ultimately, benefits. Don’t look at them as separate and discrete ideas though, think of them as a part of the whole. Extremes are the key.

In part two I am going to show you some specific actions that have been taken that are proof someone is not only manipulating us but at war with all of us.


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