Tuesday, April 24, 2018


People defending the rights of others to defame and impugn others in the name of the First Amendment, but want to repeal the second, losers (apparently, the guy couldn’t get a date) plowing into people on the streets in vans, a media that no longer reports the facts, only opinion, yup, welcome to bizarro world.

What is bizarro world? Well, the motto of bizarro world is: "Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!" It was introduced in comic books in the 1950’s, and now appears to have been a prophecy for the world to come. Welcome to the future!

Are you enjoying your future where you can identify as a moose, and the world has to treat you like a moose? How about it ladies, is everyone happy that a guy who says that he feels like a woman today can join you in the restroom? Does everyone feel safer with the idea that soon a particular class of rifle might be outlawed, but those vans are still out there mowing people down?

I’m not impressed that a bunch of high school kids march out of the classroom to protest guns. How many of them even know what the Bill of Rights is or why it was written? I’m less impressed that our politicians think that they are accomplishing something when they raise the ownership age to 21 over 18. Does that mean that they have to raise the draft age as well? After all, if an 18-year old can’t handle their own gun, how can they handle the government’s? Are we raising the van driving age to 21 too?

I love that London is calling for ‘knife control’ and that the mayor of London says that no needs to carry a knife. What’s next, no one needs to wear a belt because they can be used to whip or strangle someone? I’d better buy stock in suspenders!

There is no doubt that we are living in insane times. Read the news, parents are killing their kids, and kids are killing their parents every day. False prophets are telling us that the world is going to end daily. We are all collectively responsible for the bad weather now. Immorality doesn’t seem to exist in a society where virtually anything is okay. People sneer if you want to talk about God or even a G-rated movie!

Take heart, this was all predicted long ago. There is a bestselling book you can read that will tell you all about it, you can find it here.


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