Friday, April 27, 2018


The Senses Novels are meant to speak to my readers on various levels. Through them all, there is one theme that I believe may be missed. While the books have action, adventure and, hopefully, carry a message of salvation there is something more.

As you get older, you don’t necessarily get wiser. What you do get is more experience. If you are lucky some of that experience translates into understanding. If you are fortunate, that understanding is about yourself.

It took me a long time, but I’ve come to realize that of the many things in this world that I cannot do, two are immutable. I cannot change one millisecond of the past, and the only part of the future I can control are my own actions. That lesson is there, in the pages of the novels.

It isn’t wrong to feel sorry for past sins, it is wrong to let them control your life after you have given them to God. It also isn’t a sin to wish for specific outcomes in the future, unless they run contrary to what God has said we should be looking for. But feeling bad about the past won’t cause it to change and wishing for a certain tomorrow won’t make it happen.

I am still learning. Yesterday is yesterday and looking back at it should only help guide me in the future. I also know and accept that my actions now and going forward are the only way to make whatever future I want.

We are living in an age where some would rather fix blame than fix the situation. It is so much easier to say that it is all someone else’s problem or responsibility than to look in the mirror and say, “Change the outcome!” Let me tell you what happens when you refuse to acknowledge your own failings and errors of the past, you repeat them. This makes you frustrated and angry. Since you are mad and cannot admit your own past issues, you find someone or some group to focus that anger on. The anger becomes hate and we all wind up in the divisive world we have today.

We have a God that is big enough to carry our past. We just have to acknowledge it and give it to Him. He is also magnanimous enough to help guide our actions so that we have a great future, we must be willing to listen to Him.

You cannot change any part of your past, so stop living there. You can shape your part of the future, so stop dreaming and do something about it.


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