Saturday, March 31, 2018


While the Senses Novels focuses on the main characters, the heroes of the stories, there is a subtext not written and maybe not very obvious. The world is wracked by war and oppression on a scale never before seen. If we were living the story as an average person, wouldn’t it seem as though God had abandoned us?

As I write this, it is already Easter where I am. This is a country filled with odd paradoxes. Everywhere I look, I see ‘Happy Easter’ signs of one kind or another, but the people don’t actually celebrate the holiday as the rising of our Lord. Many of the people here have not experienced the concept of a personal Lord and Savior. It isn’t that they have rejected the idea, though some have, it is that a lot of them have never even heard of it. I don’t want you to think that the government here is actively suppressing Christianity, I haven’t seen that. It does insist that the sermons not demean or detract from the government in any way, this is, after all, a communist country.

While some may view this a fertile ground, it is also a wasteland. God has not abandoned these people but we, as Christians, may not be doing enough of His work here. Proselyting is not permitted, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have a discussion with a person about Christianity. I’ve had several talks about religion while I’ve been here but I’m fortunate as my books are a good lead-in to those kinds of discussions.

There are times when all of us feel that we are alone, that He has left us to our own devices. We face hardships; deaths, loss of jobs, failed marriages, and worse. I know, I’ve been there far too often. It’s human to get hurt and angry at God when this happens. Still, through it all, He hasn’t changed. Remember what Jesus said John 16:33, “In this world you will have trouble.” And also remember the rest of that verse, “But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

While the world in my books seems to show a bleak future for us, there is also a thread that runs through them. God is still in control. He has and never will abandon those who love and honor Him.

Happy Easter, everyone. He is indeed risen!


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