Saturday, February 24, 2018


One of the things that helps me as I write the volumes of the Senses Novels is that I do and have worked in diverse environments. I currently work in an interesting place that is multiethnic and has the full political spectrum. I will admit that the conservative element heavily outweighs the liberal (they are not progressives, that term has been hijacked and has a completely different meaning from what it being used today.)

The media is increasingly liberal. Oddly, as this liberal media pushes and slants the story about the tragic school shooting in Florida and the evil thing that committed it, new and more disturbing facts are coming to light. I say oddly because what is being discovered doesn’t fit their narrative and might slow the change in gun laws that they so desperately want to see.

Most people are already aware of the school resource officer, a Broward County Sheriff’s deputy, that stood outside listening to the gunshots in the school for four minutes before entering. But there is much more to the story.

Even though Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, was giving the impression that he and his men were heroes at a recent town hall meeting, four Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were outside the school while the shooting was happening with guns drawn, hiding behind their squad cars. As it turns out, a LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT, Coral Springs Police were the ones that entered the building.

Scott Israel and his men are, in my estimation, cowards. They are trained and paid to PROTECT the public. Yet, when it came down to saving the lives of 17 high school kids or their own skins, what did they choose? And Scott Israel wants gun control? He and his men won’t protect you, and he doesn’t want you to have the ability to defend yourself? Now for something even worse, the school itself is culpable. It turns out that the video camera in the hallways of the school is on a 26-minute delay. TWENTY-SIX MINUTES BEFORE ANYONE KNOWS WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING IN THE SCHOOL?! Why what kind of INSANITY IS THAT?! It’s as though that particular school didn’t want to know or help those kids!

There are a lot of well-meaning people who honestly believe that stricter control of guns will prevent the kind of horror that happened in Florida. I cannot agree with them just based on world history. I’m not talking the argument about how tyrannies always disarm their citizens, I’m talking about how no matter what you do, a madman will always find a way to cause harm.

Part of the problem is that some people believe that we can find and help the mentally disturbed before they get to this point. That is a pipedream. I wish it were true, but the reality is that unless there are overt signs, like in the case of the Florida monster, you cannot know who the next killer will be. And, taking the guns away or making it harder to obtain them, will just drive the determined person to find another method.

Trucks, bombs, knives, smuggled and stolen guns and worse, will still find their way into the hands of anyone who wants to cause mass devastation. So, what can we do if we can’t predict and stop someone?

The truth is, very little. While proponents of gun control will point at England and Australia as good examples of what happens when the guns go away or have strict controls, others can look to France and Brazil to show that it doesn’t matter. The really bad news is that many nerve agents are easy to make; The Tokyo subway sarin attack was an act of domestic terrorism perpetrated on March 20, 1995, in Tokyo, Japan.  

Lawmakers are planning on rushing through a proposal to raise the age for purchasing a rifle to 21. I have no problem with that so long as they raise the draft and voting ages to 21 as well. All of those are part of the Constitution which has already been interpreted to say that age 18 is when you are an adult. If they do not, then the law will and should be challenged in the Supreme Court and will likely be overturned.

The dream that liberals have of no guns in America is just that, a dream. There are 100,000,000-gun owners in the United States with 300,000,000 firearms. Threatening to take them away only causes fear and anger. What we need to do is easy, enforce the laws that already exist. Of course, to do that, we need law enforcement that really will protect and serve and not a bunch of cowards like the ones in Broward County.


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