Tuesday, December 5, 2017


In the Senses Novels, I try to evoke a sense of you, the reader, of being in the scene. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to a violation of the old editor’s adage of ‘show, don’t tell.’ Describing some of the characteristics of our main characters is a part of this. Still, maybe it isn’t always necessary.

Have you ever wondered why there isn’t much of description of the way that Jesus looked? We know that He was a Jewish carpenter, but what about His hair color, or his eyes, or height? Not one of the Gospels tells us any of that.

I have to believe that this was done on purpose. Jesus came to be the Jewish Messiah and in the end, wound up being the savior of the whole world. Giving away His physical characteristics would take away from that and not allow all of us to identify with Him.

I have seen depictions of Jesus with Black, White and Yellow skin. I’ve seen Him with brown hair, blonde and black hair as well as brown eyes and blue. Which is the real Jesus? All of them.

Remember, He came to be all things to all people.


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