Tuesday, November 28, 2017


If you have read any of the books, you know by now that they tend to take a conservative view of the world. The Bible is, by any measure, a very conservative tome. Most of the laws in this country though have their basis in the Bible. That isn’t my opinion, it’s a simple fact. The Founding Fathers used the Bible as a guideline, at one point it was even used as a textbook in most of the schools in America.

Today, we have two primary political parties in the U.S. Each vies for power so that it can impose its own ‘views’ upon the public. Unfortunately, they have become so similar in many respects that it doesn’t matter which one is in power anymore. The issue isn’t the party, it is the individuals that are supposed to represent the people. Instead of doing what they were elected to do, they each (and as far as I can tell, this applies to ALL of them) attempt to gain influence and power for themselves.

Recently, there have been so many scandals and accusations of impropriety that it takes a scorecard to keep track. The most interesting thing about this is, one party seems to take these allegations of their politicians in stride while damning the other side.

I apologize in advance to my Democrat friends, but I need to understand this. Why was it okay for Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy to do what they did to women (with physical evidence at hand) and it isn’t for any Republican even without evidence? I heard the ranking female Democrat actually defending the actions of John Conyers because ‘he’s done so much for women and he’s an icon.’

Senator Al Franken gave a non-apology (‘I’m sorry the women feel that way.’) and begged forgiveness (which the media is willing to do, apparently) while there is photographic evidence of his actions. Can someone from the Democrat party please explain this double standard to me?

I realize that I am getting extremely political here, but I simply do not understand this form of insanity. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong, if it isn’t then it isn’t. Which one is it? Should every woman be believed, or should there be some kind of evidence?

I know that I won’t get any solid answers to my questions. They are just too uncomfortable. At least in the world of the Senses Novels, things are so desperate that there isn’t time for all of this political garbage.


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