Monday, October 9, 2017


At various points in the series, we encounter the entity known as ‘IT.’ This is a universe-spanning unliving creature that may or may not be the ultimate evil our heroes must face in the final battle.

‘IT’ does not kill in the normal fashion. ‘IT’ drains the will to live causing madness and, often, suicide. The power of ‘IT’ is that it brings out in us the desire to surrender ourselves to death. That is the antithesis of life.

I have tried to project the feelings of hopelessness, depression, and evil onto a creature for a reason. If even for one second, we can look at what we feel from the outside, it may give us hope and a way to battle those feelings. Why do we feel that way? What is it that is driving the feeling, what is behind them?

While it is easy to say that our hope is in Jesus, it isn’t quite that simple for those stuck in the pit at the moment. What may be needed is the ability to view the world differently. If we are to turn hopelessness into hope, the first step is in recognizing why we feel hopeless.

In the novels, knowing what is coming does not save those in the path of ‘IT.’ The salvation comes when we are willing to fight back and take what God has given us as our birthright, away from this enemy.


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