Thursday, October 5, 2017


In Aura, the first book of the series, we are witness to a carefully engineered global economic collapse. The result is the dissolution of governments, mass starvation, and misery. Eventually, the situation leads to war which only makes matters worse.

If this idea seems far-fetched, you might want to consider that there is only enough food stored locally, in most places, to last a maximum of two weeks. Medicines are even worse, pharmacies don’t stock supplies of most of your prescription drugs, they must be sent from a warehouse someplace.

It’s as though our entire system has been set on a razor’s edge on purpose. A single week of disruption in the gasoline supply causes prices to rise sharply, even if there is plenty of gas already stored in the tanks. We have electric grids that have never been upgraded or hardened. Roads that seem to need repair every other year. I won’t even start with the dams and bridges.

It looks like we have been purposely brought to a place where, at some point in the future, the system that we call America is designed to fail. The question is, what is in the wings to replace it?

It’s unfortunate that we have an entire generation that never knew the totalitarian rule called the Soviet Union. I look back and remember all the desperate attempts that people made to escape it, and were either killed outright or sent to Siberia to die more slowly and painfully for their efforts.

Instead, we have a generation of people that believe the government can and should give them everything. Feed me, clothe me, house me, give me a phone, television, free transportation and don’t make me do anything productive in return! No matter what, there is a price.

In the novels, I show you what happens when the bill comes due. A devastated America ruled with an iron fist. A government telling you when and where you can go, who can live and who will die, and who can marry, and who can’t. I’m sorry to say, but it is an America taken to where the extremes of liberal ideas would have us. But, don’t think for one second that the opposite would be any better.

An America of total ‘self-rule,' would be chaos, unlike anything we have ever seen. There is no doubt in my mind that it would be what we imagine the ‘wild west’ was like times ten. That is why the founders of this country created a framework for us to all live within. It’s called the Constitution.

The books have the President suspending the Constitution to ‘save America.’ It is a literary fiction as the President has no such power. The President can declare a state of emergency and issue Executive Orders, but these are subject to review by the courts and can be overturned.

Could a collapse happen here in America? Yes, it’s happened before (the Great Depression was one such collapse), and will happen again. The depth to which we allow it to happen and the way we recover from it is up to us.


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