Thursday, September 28, 2017


Okay, I guess it’s topical, and almost humorous if you realize what the true meaning. While the debate rages about people kneeling or standing during the playing of the National Anthem for the USA, an outsider, with no knowledge of the single football player that started this nonsense would probably completely misunderstand what is happening.

If you have read or listened to the novels, and especially Synesthesia, then you know that taking a knee has, in historical times, had an entirely different meaning. It is and always has been a sign of submission. One kneels in church as an act of surrender before the Lord. In the secular world, one kneels while being knighted or when brought before a tribal ruler.

Perhaps, if at the end of the anthem, the singer or someone in authority at the venue were to thank the players for submitting themselves to the authority of the flag and what the song means, the foolishness would end? Probably not, since most the people doing it don’t even know why it started.

A society that cannot honor its veterans and heroes is already doomed. It has nothing to do with the leadership of the country, this is solely the responsibility of the citizenry.

Read the books and see what happens in such a world.


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