Monday, September 11, 2017


Fans of the series know that the books take place before, during and after events that lead to a global cataclysm. While the stories center on the unique individuals or heroes of each book, there are others that interact with them, survivors.

I don’t dwell on how many of the people in the novels manage to live through some of the worst impacts of the disasters that have overtaken humanity. Part of the reason for this is history has shown us survival may be as much a matter of luck as it is preparation. This isn’t to say that being knowledgeable about what to do in a survival situation won’t help; it just means that the conditions still need to be right. You cannot live through a direct nuclear strike.

People have survived blizzards, desert conditions, being lost in the woods or mountains and many times these people had little to no training. All of that being said, I will always recommend that people get at least some basic survival training. There are plenty of resources available and even if you don’t go out and practice, having the knowledge and equipment is valuable.

As you read through the Senses Novels, you will find that I have tried to include some survival ‘tricks’ into the stories. While these are written as part of the fiction, they are real-life methods that can help through several stressful situations.

We are preparing for the possibility of high winds and heavy rains right now where we live. ‘Hunkering down’ or sheltering-in-place only works if you are prepared to be without electricity, running water and the other conveniences of modern society. We will be fine, we have made lots of preps, and this isn’t our first time. We do ask that you pray for those who are suffering from the effects of Hurricanes Irma and the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.


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