Friday, September 22, 2017


Throughout the entire series, we encounter the theme that the agents of the real enemy are trying to eliminate all of mankind. Notice please, it isn’t any particular race, religion or creed, it is everybody, everywhere. This isn’t genocide since it isn’t one distinct group, this is the extinction of the human race.

There are some people that actually believe that their ‘color’ or ethnic background or religion is better than everyone else’s. That is, frankly, an asinine idea. The concept that the melatonin in your skin, or where you were born or how your worship God makes you better or even different from everybody borders on insanity.

When we are facing an extinction level event (ELE) such as a large asteroid strike or a nuclear war, do you honestly believe that your skin color is going to matter? That is precisely the situation in the books, we are facing an ELE brought on by man’s oldest and most deadly enemy.

The novels make no distinction, everybody is facing annihilation. I just cannot imagine having to stand in front of God one day and tell Him that I hated my black/white/red/yellow/brown neighbor because they were different from me, or because I thought that one or more of them picked on me.

Unfortunately, I know that we aren’t even close to learning our lesson yet. Still, I hope that books like mine will help make us all colorblind.


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