Friday, September 8, 2017


First, something that some of you may not be aware of; in addition to the multitude of hurricanes in the Atlantic and the magnitude 8.1 earthquake in Mexico, on Wednesday, September 6, 2017, we had the largest solar flare in a decade. I have no doubt that it’s somehow tied to climate change.

For a very long time the three ‘superpower nations,’ China, Russia and the United States of America have held the world in a balance. Each of these countries understands the concept of M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction), and, while they are always probing each other, they are careful not to push too far. Unfortunately, lately, the rats have crept in.

Rats like Pakistan and North Korea (and possibly Iran), now have nuclear weapons and aren’t as ‘stable’ as the big three. Since the 1950’s we, the United States, have known that this was a possibility. The politicians and military of that era decided to let future generations deal with the problem. This is that future generation.

I pointed out in the first paragraph that we have severe hurricanes, large scale earthquakes, and massive solar flares all happening at the same time. What happens if one of the rats misinterprets any of these natural events? It could happen. A large enough solar flare could knock out communication and electrical grids in some countries and might be viewed as an EMP attack. A huge earthquake might trigger a paranoid delusion that someone’s country was being bombed. A weather event could be regarded as cover for a sneak attack.

The balance has been upset, and the danger is very real. It may be inevitable that there be, at the very least, a limited nuclear exchange. The ‘Judgment Day’ of the Terminator movies may be something that simply cannot be avoided. On the other hand, the same three superpowers may, if they join forces on this one subject, be able to reign in the rat-countries.

At some point, it becomes a matter of ‘will we’ rather than ‘should we.’ It also requires a dialogue to which no one else should be invited, and that is a problem. The United Nations is not the forum for such a discussion, private three-way discussions need to be held, and swift, decisive action decided upon.


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