Sunday, July 23, 2017


Writing Christian fiction is a balancing act. Many ‘mainstream’ Christians will argue every point of fiction and even Biblical fact that I write. There are a couple of reasons that I think this happens.

I’ve come to believe that many Christians think that writing fiction is somehow unchristian or sacrilegious. I find that humorous since Jesus used parables that were obviously fiction. Another reason is, some believe stories about Biblical events shouldn’t be embellished or viewed differently than what is written in the Word. This is an important idea.

The Senses Novels are about the end times and have a different take on how things will come about. I’m trying to take special pains to be sure my writing never contradicts the Bible, but the perspective is unusual. Jesus used the Bible as both a weapon and a shield many times. In His day, He had the Old Testament. He would also often stitch together pieces from different places in the Bible to prove His point. In the days of our Lord’s life on earth, the Jewish people were waiting for a messiah. The one they anticipated wasn’t someone who would tell them love was the way. The people wanted someone to either lead a revolt or destroy the Romans for them outright.

In other words, the Jews looked at the Bible from a completely different perspective than the one Jesus brought them. The Son of God did not promise His people they would be free of tyranny and oppression in this life, that would come in the next. That wasn’t always a popular message. It still isn’t today.

In the books, I am attempting to give you a different perspective. This is what they are all about, how what we see, hear, taste, smell and feel in this world changes our reality. If we both look at the same exact object, yet when you feel it the object is smooth and I feel it and the object is rough, our realities are different. We may start examining our fingers to find out if something is wrong or checking the object in different ways for other changes. What happens if it is none of those things, simply smooth for you and for rough me?

In most cases, we would likely laugh it off and go on about our business. What we cannot explain, what science cannot define, we shrug off as though it doesn’t exist. The truth is, none of us see or hear the exact same thing because our minds are different and we process things differently. Basically, we have all found common ground for the definition of these things, they are taught to us. But we all have enough doubt in us to wonder.

I once explained this concept to a friend who argued, if true, then the door leading into the room we were in could change into a porpoise. I looked over his should and said, “It did.” He whipped around to view this miracle. When he looked, it was only a door. He will never know if I really saw a porpoise or not. But he had enough doubt in him to wonder at it.

Christians should not be so quick to scoff or dismiss the fiction we authors who love the Lord write. Jesus tells us in Luke 17:21 “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” Other versions say, “within our midst.” Do you accept and understand this reality? You don’t need to ‘go to heaven’ since it’s already inside you? Yet in other places He speaks as though heaven is a separate place. Now, how can that be unless He is looking at it from different perspectives?

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