Saturday, December 10, 2016


Christmas approaches and the sales season is in full swing. For those who might be wondering, no, I will not be discounting the Senses Novels series for more sales during the holidays. I think that we all dwell too much on the gifts portion of this holiday and not enough on the birthday portion.

There is nothing wrong with gift giving and receiving. There is something terribly wrong when that becomes the focus of the holiday. I sometimes wonder how many people can differentiate the Christmas story from The Night Before Christmas? I wonder how many people realize that Christmas means Christ’s Mass or the taking of Christ’s Supper? Did you know that it is unlikely that Jesus Christ (Joshua, son of God) was born in the dead of winter and that it’s far more likely that He was born during or shortly after the harvest season when there was money to pay the poll tax probably taken during the census?

The idea of gift giving is only Biblical in the sense that the Lord was brought gifts at his birth. They were birthday gifts! So why am I dwelling on this (there’s that word again?) It isn’t that Christmas has become too commercial, it’s been commercial for so long that it isn’t anything new. I am trying to make the point that we really have forgotten what the season is supposed to be about.

We have all heard the phrase, “Remember the reason for the season!” And, I’m sure most people do, for about ten seconds. The story of Jesus’ birth is not a myth as the humanists would have us believe, it is told in two different accounts of the New Testament from two distinctly different viewpoints. His birth was the FIRST of His miracles. Mary was a virgin when she gave birth. God born into man. We need to remember and celebrate the event.

In book four of the Senses Novels, I am hoping that you get a better feel for the both human side and the divine nature of Jesus. Through the main character of book four, you are going to meet the Son of God, and, I think, will be a little bit surprised by Him.

If I miss a couple of weeks, I pray that you have the time to reflect on Christmas and the nature of what it means. Let it be the blessing to you that it should and was always intended to be.


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