Friday, November 11, 2016


The Presidential election cycle is over (for now) in the United States of America. There are always winners and losers in this situation. Unfortunately, there are also always sore losers and ugly winners. I try my best to keep these types of politics out of the Senses Novels. Not because they are controversial, I love controversy, but because they are pointless in the end.

The Senses Novels are about what Christians refer to as ‘The End Times, ’ and while politics and politicians will play a part in that, they are just pawns in a much larger game. Ordinary people, for the most part, do not consider themselves to be evil. If someone does, they are usually psychotic. The series is about true evil and the good who will fight it. I am sure that neither candidate went home every night, looked in the mirror and said, “You are a monster, isn’t that wonderful!” At least, I pray they didn’t.

We all do bad things, welcome to the human condition. The novels look at bad in a different way, as an overriding evil, the creatures that serve it and those that these servants may have influence over. As I write this blog entry, people in some states are protesting and even rioting over the election results. I expected it to happen, either way, it went. At the end of the day, those doing these acts will go home and resign themselves to having to live out the next four years in some manner.

I have never made a secret of the fact that I am a conservative. This runs entirely contrary to the entire rest of my family and upbringing. That’s okay; I still love my family. I don’t care what they politics are, I don’t care if they are or support LBGT, I don’t care if they are for more government influence in our lives. I care that they are my family and that they are well and happy and safe. If your family is divided over politics, there is something wrong, not with the politics, but with your family dynamic. When you read the Senses Novels, you will find a large amount of diversity in them (TA’AM is probably THE most diverse) because I think differences do not repel, they compliment.

The books talk about a dystopian world brought about by our own hand through the manipulation of our greatest enemy. I am trying to send a message through my writing. Yes, there is evangelism in it, but that isn’t the only message, there is a warning in the novels that while God is in control, he gave us free will for a reason. We can stop, take a breath, look around, and see what is reasonable any time we want.

For decades we have all been told that we are heading toward the precipice. I remember it from when I was a young child. I remember the ‘bomb drills’ that we had at my elementary school (duck and cover!) I was very young, but even then I questioned what possible use covering my head with my arms was going to have if an atomic weapon went off overhead? That was a long time ago and, supposedly, we’re still headed toward that cliff’s edge.

Who and what is pushing us in this direction? That is part of what the Senses Novels is about. That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend and a wonderful week.

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