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A miniseries set in the world of the Senses Novels


The stranger gave his name as Eli. Something told me that there was more to his name than he was letting on. I led him back to the long shack that we had built out of scraps of wood. This was home for most of us in this part of the camp. There was no way to heat or cool it as we burn anything or the entire building would go up in flames, and there were no windows. The slats were over a thumb thickness apart and any wind blew right through. Still, it let in light while the sun was up.

Eli took some items out of his pack as he found a place on the dirt floor to spread out a blanket. There were a couple of tins of food and some hard bread. He handed these out to the rest of us.

Even though there were almost twenty of us in that shack, everybody wound up with some of Eli’s food, and he still had some left over for himself. A few of the group were sick, a man and three women. We let them have as much of the food as we could. Again, oddly, there was enough for all of us.

I’m sure you are wondering since I haven’t said anything about it. Tony died six months ago. Yes, I’ve been here for over nine months now. No one under the age of twenty has survived. At least two hundred of the adults have died as well.

Eli took notice of the sick ones in the group and went over to them. They tried to cover their mouths and noses. We all did what we could to avoid contaminating others when we were sick. We were terrified that any of us could start an epidemic.

Our newfound friend put his hands on each of the sick ones in turn. For a few minutes, it looked as though Eli became ill himself and then both he and the people that he touched recovered completely. My first thought was, “He’s a healer!”

I had no idea that he was more, much more.

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