Thursday, September 15, 2016


As the Sense Novels series continues, I will be bringing in many traditional myths and try to show where there may have been historical facts behind them. Some may be pure fantasy. However, I think that I have found a few that are not. And, while I understand that many people won’t accept it as fact, I use the Bible as one of my factual backups. This will become more evident in book number four.

I think that there is a point at which we need to ask ourselves, what do we actually know about our ancient history? One thing that is clear is that what we are taught is usually slanted in a certain way. All you need to do is look back at what we were taught about American history in the 1960’s and what we are taught about it today. People that we were once learned were heroes today considered invaders and ravagers. In five hundred years will the America of today be a myth?

I have wondered for the longest time why the Jews seem to be the favorite target of the non-Jewish world? I was born Jewish and have been called more names than you can imagine. One that always bothered me was being told that the Jews killed Jesus. That is a myth. The Romans killed Jesus. A handful of Jews, led by a fanatical priesthood, pleaded for his execution and Pontius Pilate, being a political creature, gave in to this demand. Let me tell you the scariest part, I have run into non-Jews, people who claim to be Christians, that honestly had no idea that Jesus Christ was Jewish. If we, as a people, can mess up something as simple as what is plainly recorded in every Bible I’ve ever read, imagine trying to piece together history from a few pieces of bone and broken pottery!

If you are wondering what myths I bring into the series that may have some basis in fact, I would suggest that you start with book one, AURA. You can get AURA for FREE on Amazon.

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