Thursday, June 23, 2016


Since the first book in the series, AURA, is now FREE, I would think that most of you reading this would have grabbed a copy. When you finish with it, you should have some unanswered questions. As the series progresses most, if not all, of these, will be answered. My recommendation is that if you have finished AURA, don’t wait, pick up book number two right away and start reading.

While each of the books in the series has their own story to tell, they are all connected. The same background events have or will occur and the hero in each faces the same enemy. In DULCET, you will meet Laya. Laya was born deaf and without any of the apparatus that is needed for hearing. Still, Laya can hear ‘the music’ in her head. And when Laya opens her mouth to sing, strange and dangerous things happen.

If you’d like to meet Laya and discover what her amazing ability is capable of, you can get DULCET and don’t forget, AURA is now FREE at AMAZON.

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