Thursday, September 7, 2017


The U.S. news has been dominated by Hurricane Irma which appears to be approaching the Florida coast. In a related story, Al Roker of NBC lashed out at conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh for, apparently, downplaying the danger of Irma. I am not going to dive into the ‘out of context’ debate. It isn’t my job to defend either party. I will say that this is a classic example of conflicting agendas.

In a completely unrelated event, a Bengal tiger managed to appear not too terribly far from my home yesterday. It was shot dead while attempting to eat a dog in a suburban neighborhood. At the moment, no one seems to know where the tiger came from.

To round things out, South Korea has begun making noise about possibly arming itself with nuclear weapons to counter the threat from the North. The exact opposite of what both the United States and China have stated that they wanted for many years.

Hurricanes, Tigers, and Nukes, oh my! Unfortunately, there is no yellow brick road, no wonderful wizard, and no magic ruby slippers to help us out of this one.

I am going to make some statements here that will probably get me into trouble. The President is not doing his job. Congress is doing worse than the President. The so-called Left is worse than both the President and Congress combined as they only want to obstruct and divert attention from the important issues. I’m sorry liberals; I do not consider monuments of Confederate Generals a burning problem at the moment. I don’t want the Right to get too smug either, playing games with government default is stupid and childish. We have more important and immediate things to work on.

First, stop turning the disaster in Texas from hurricane Harvey into some kind of political message. No one cares who ‘looks like’ their helping. Emergency funding for abortion clinics during this crisis? Really?! How about food, shelter, clean water and medical care that saves lives? Quite being A.S.S.E.S.! There, you made me angry enough to use profanity!

Florida is about to get hit with a hurricane. Whether it is a major impact or a moderate one, it is going to cause significant hardship. Are we really going to have to see the same games played there? My belief right now is ANY politician, celebrity, sports figure or organization that uses these catastrophes for their own purposes should be treated the same as looters, and I don’t mean arrest and detain!

President Trump, members of Congress, news media, conservatives, and progressives, GROW UP AND SHUT UP! That means; stop tweeting stupidity, stop stalling on important legislation, stop slanting the news to meet the agenda of those you work for, stop looking for any tiny issue to pick a fight about. While you may not know these people personally, I can guarantee that they know you and they will not forget how you treat them in their hour of need. I and others like me will help remind them and keep reminding them.

Now, get to work, be prepared to dive in and help and most of all, remember that living in the United States of America is NOT a right, it is a privilege.


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